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Dometic Combicool RC 1200 Camping Fridge

Dometic Combicool RC1200 3 Way

Dometic Combicool RC 1200 Camping Fridge

Improved replacement for the Waeco Combicool 40

41 Litre Portable Absorption Fridge From Waeco Dometic

Here’s a fridge that is perfect for campers and others with a passion for outdoor pursuits. The Waeco Dometic Combicool is not fussy when it comes to which power supply you choose. The Combicool can be powered from standard 3 pin mains electricity, 12 volts via a cigarette lighter type power socket and propane or butane bottled gas either Campingaz or Calor Gas type cylinders.

The Dometic Combicool RC 1200 the replacement for the Waeco Combicool 40 as the ability to run from gas making it perfect for camping, the mains electric power operation also makes this the ideal portable fridge for you holiday chalet, cottage or cabin. The 12 volt power operation means the Dometic Combicool RC 1200  3 way fridge will keep your food & drink chilled whilst on route to your destination and allow you to enjoy cool refreshments mid trip.

Standard Features

Powerful real refrigeration cooling up to 25 degrees below the ambient temperature ideal for camping in the UK and Europe.

The Dometic Combicool RC1200 portable 3 way fridge replaces the very popular Waeco Combicool 40 and its features include a compact design with one piece moulded lid, recessed grips on both sides, ice cube tray, piezo ignition, 12 volt connector for cigarette lighter type socket, regulation by thermostat when powered my mains electric, variable flame regulation when powered by propane or butane gas and comes with a full one year Dometic guarantee.

Free delivery to most mainland UK locations.
Dometic Combicool Open

Power Usage

230V 50Hz
- 85 Watt   0.35 Amp
1.6 kWh / 24 h

12 Volt DC - 85 Watt   7 Amp
170 Ah / 24 h

Butane/Propane Gas - 7.5 grams per hour on min
Gas min. / max. 187/252 grams / 24 h
1 x 7 kg gas cylinder lasts up to 30 days

Internal dimensions - height x width x depth
34 cm x 42 cm x 30 cm
Dometic Combicool Dimensions
Combicool RC1200 dimensions in mm
  Combicool Gas Combicool Mains Electric Combicool RC1200 12 volt  
  The Combicool accepts three energy sources: gas bottle ...
240/230 volt mains

12 volt car battery
  RC1200 Lid Combicool Controls Combicool RC1200 Grip  
  RC 1200 lid design seals tight
without need for a gasket
Controller for fully variable gas power operation Recessed side grips for
easy transportation

Combicool Versions Compared
Version RC1200 RC1700 RC2200
Maximun C below external temperature 25 30 30
Standard fridge temp even at C outside 31 36 36
Outer Casing Durable Plastic Durable Plastic Aluminum
Ice cube tray Small Larger Larger
Control knobs cover No Yes Yes
Cooling panel size Standard Large Large
Weight in Kilograms 16 16 14

Combicool RC 1200 Price 199.99

Calor Gas Butane Or Propane Or CampinGaz Regulator & Hose Price 11.99

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Combicool RC 1700

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