Butane or Propane Gas Regulator and Hoses

All butane and propane gas bottle appliances require a hose and regulator for connection to the gas bottle, these connectors for most of the portable, heaters, patio heaters and non portable barbecues are included with the item. Some equipment such as 3 way camping fridges, boiling rings, portable ovens and water boiler tea urns have the hose and regulator for the various gas types as an optional extra. In the UK some of the most common of these LPG bottles also referred to as cylinders as well as canisters are the Calor and Flo Gas butane or propane type and the CampinGaz type.

The majority of appliances that are not supplied with the gas connection hoses and regulators as standard can be used when camping and in a large number of cases the potential users will be seasoned caravan owners or campers who will already have the connectors for the various gas bottle types. Most of the appliances used for caravan and camping like the gas fridges, boiling rings, portable stoves and ovens can be run from various types of LPG gas bottles, cylinders and canisters so supplying with one type of gas bottle connection would in many cases just be a waste.

One of the most common questions we are asked especially by those who are interested in the 3 way gas camping fridges and boiling rings is which gas should they use. All of the camping equipment can run from any of the common gas bottles so if you already use bottled gas for any reason we would recommend running your equipment from the same. If you are using bottled gas for the first time a few things to note are that propane and butane gas is very similar and generally burns at the same rate and costs about the same depending on supplier, the big difference is that propane gas will work in very cold conditions whilst due to the higher evaporating temperature butane will not.

As most people will not need to use there outdoor leisure gas appliances at below freezing we recommend using standard butane gas. If you decide to use butane gas there are two options for the type of regulator, the standard 21mm clip on regulator for 7kg to 15kg bottles (recommended) or the bolt on regulator for for 4.5kg bottles. Below is some further information that will help you select the correct regulator and hose to suit you situation.

BS Butane or Propane Gas Hose
LPG Butane or Propane BS Gas Hose

8mm high pressure British Standard flexible rubber hose and is supplied in the optimum size for your chosen appliance with the normal size being 1 meter but if a longer hose is required for your specific use then please contact us.

21mm Butane Gas Regulator
Butane Regulator 21 mm Clip on

The standard Calor, Flo, Shell etc. 21mm easy connect clip on butane gas regulator fits all butane gas bottles above 4.5 kg the most common of these are the 7kg and 15kg but some suppliers still supply 12kg and 13kg bottles. For some older non Calor Gas butane bottles a 20mm instead of 21mm is required, if you do want a 20mm then please contact us shortly after or before ordering and we will substitute the 21mm with a 20mm.

4.5 kg Butane Gas regulator
4.5 Kg Butane Gas Regulator

Fits all 4.5 butane gas bottles and use the standard bolt on connection, the 4.5's obvious advantage is its smaller size and weight and is quite often the preferred choice for camping trips. When used with our 3 way gas camping fridges such as the Combicool RC1700 a 4.5kg cylinder will power the fridge for over two weeks.

Propane Gas Regulator
Propane Regulator

The standard bolt on propane regulator fits all propane gas cylinders from 6 kg up to the large size 47 kg. It is unlikely that the 47 kg would be used with any of our portable gas appliances and a longer hose would normally be required. The 6 kg propane gas cylinders are very commonly used for caravan and camping cookers, stoves or fridges and choosing this regulator gives the option of also using 13 and 19 kg propane cylinders.

Patio Gas regulator
Patio Gas Regulator

The easy connect clip on patio gas regulator fits the 13 and 15 kg patio gas bottles and the 6 kg barbecue gas bottles. The patio and barbecue gas cylinders are normally green in colour and can often be purchased from petrol stations and large DIY store. Patio gas is really just propane gas in a easy connect green cylinder and you may prefer this type if you already use patio gas at home for your patio heater or BBQ.

Camping Gaz Regulator
CampinGaz Regulator

The CampinGaz regulator is quite a bit different from all the others and connects using a screw on system. This reg fits the CampinGaz 901 400 gramm, the 904 1.8 kg and the 907 2.75 kg gas canisters. The bottles (cannisters) are stocked by Calor Gas suppliers in the UK and are also widely available throughout Europe where calor gas may not be so readily available so may be preferred when camping in France or Spain.

Jubilee Clips

For simple connection two jubilee clips are supplied with all regulator and hose gas connectors, one to secure the regulator to the hose and the other to secure the hose to the appliance.